About NutkhatBaby

Your Low Risk, Trouble Free Market Strategy For India

For some producers, international success stems from an ability to target niche overseas markets and meet unique consumer demands; for others, the adoption of new, cleaner technologies sets them apart and for many companies, United States & United Kingdom’s reliability supports their entry into the Indian market.

Regardless of what the producer’s unique and competitive edge is, ultimately it is the flexibility, commitment to expansion in this market, and knowledge of the market that underpin their success.

So don’t be intimidated by the complexities in the political, cultural and legal system of Indian. On the contrary be excited by the opportunity offered by one of the fastest growing economies of the world.

Through our retail setup and partnership with the local distributor, we can work with you & help you with the following.

Evaluate market size, volume & value.

Understand import restrictions/ regulations and tariffs

Classify and target urban & usual population to suit your product

Overcome language & cultural barriers

Provide feedback on pricing

Organise consumer visits, accommodations in the land of unknown